Drone Services

Go Civil Engineering uses drone technology to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our projects. It allows close -up inspection of hard to reach structures. Rugged terrain and remote sites. Providing real time project information and accurate side by side comparisons, they facilitate informed decision making and improves project quality and reduces project costs. 


Survey and Topography

Drone technology is Becoming a common tool in any Site Managers Toolkit. It Is Guiding in a New Era for Topographic Surveying by Enabling the Capture of Detailed Site Maps, Including Contours and Terrain,  For a Fraction of the Time and Cost of Traditional Methods.


        Drone Imagery

Drones are Equipped with cameras or Other Sensors that Can Be Paired with Analytics and Data Services to Unlock a Whole new  Realm of Extreme Value.


Construction Observation

Drones Provide Construction Stakeholders with Expansive, Accurate, and Precise data. The Data Captured Each flight is Processed Through Photogrammetry Software Which is Then Used to Create Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) , Orthophotos, and 3D Images.